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Hello. I was hoping with all the knowledge on this site someone might be able to put me in the right direction. I have a bunch of herbs I grow on my property here and i would love to be able to preserve them thru the year. I have sage, basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, several mint varieties, chive, several garlic varieties...and on and on it goes. I also have raspberries, marionberries, blackberries, blueberries and strawberries. I grow enough to never have to purchase thru the year. What I want is help with finding some sort of comprehensive book on the ways to care for and preserve the herbs and possibly recipes for combining the herbs for teas. There is sooo much information I have a hard time making heads or tails. So, if you have a favorite book or website us like I would love to hear about it. Thanks...back to drying raspberry leaves I go.

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How to Be Your Own Herbal Pharmacist: Herbal Traditions, Expert Formulations (Paperback)
~ Linda Rector Page (Author)
This is the one I have. It mentions collecting and preserving some what but mostly gives great formualtions for teas, tinctures, pills, rubs, etc for just about all that ailes ya.
Good book, I use it alot


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May 28, 2010
I have a book called Herbal Treasures by Phyllis Shaudys. It has month by month ideas for using herbs and points out a lot of other resources for using and growing herbs.

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