Herding rottweilers?


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Has anyone ever done this with their rottie? I have one and some goats. He seems very keen, yet curious. I was wondering if there might be hope for him in this field. I know they used to do it "way back when". Besides I can't use my cattle dog. My cattle dog is hopeless, she doesn't even blink at goats, chickens, etc. She's only 2 yet you think shes 20!!
i believe a long time ago they were used for droving... driving cattle... GOATS are NOT a good place to start working a herding dog... goats are hard to herd because they dont herd, they scatter.. so unless the dog is already trained to herd, goats is not the place to start you need sheep
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First, that picture is beautiful.
I haven't trained mine to herd- I have nothing for it to herd- but I think I would start by training him away from the animals. Teach left, right, and things like that and make sure he'll lsten to you. Once he can listen and understand, instinct should kick in to help. Being bred as herders- it shouldn't be hard to get him to herd. ANd as far as your cattle dog- I have a 12 year old Australian who thinks she's 2.
Thank you for the compliment. He was 9 months old in that picture.
There is a lady down the way that works border collies with goats and sheep. I saw her out one day and just had a thought. I want him to do something, I just don't know what! Thanks for your opinions, if anyone else has any ideas, by all means feel free to chime in!
yeeah, true, they would bite unruly live stock into their legs to rive them wherever the owner wanted them.. I tried my pit mix with ducks She sees them as fabulous toys , they run when you pounce on them. she would play them to death. Have you considered a Collie?
yes they were DROVERS.. they DROVE the cattle to market/butcher,, they did not herd.. they are to big and heavy boned to be a herder, they are drovers....
so they have a natural instinct to drive.. you CAN train them to herd.. they just cant work the sheep all day long like a bordercollie does..

why did you pick a ROTT if you want to herd???
or you already had the rott and want to train it to do something fun??
Rotts will drive cattle ahead and keep them moving forward.

They won't herd them.

Find your local Rottyweiler Club or Rotty Rescue.
Sometimes they sponsor a Herding Certificate test, where rotties are judged on just moving some sheep/goats/ducks forward in a certain formation.
It would be great to have a HC after your dogs name~!!

Just like TD ( Therapy Dog) or CGC ( Canine Good Citizen )--the HC is a well earned title.

I also have a wonderful border collie mix, I adopted, so she would help me with moving my cattle from one field to another.
She really has little to no interest.
My 17 year old rescued rotty died before I had a chance to incorproate her into the herd. I may end up with another great rescue rotty before the summer ends. The majority of these dogs instinctively just move livestock forward.
I have seen dogs with no prior experience do it on the first try.

Have fun learning~!

Keep us posted on your progress.
Maybe I'm just tired, but when I read the title of your post, I pictured a group of Rotties being pushed down a quiet country lane. It took a surprisingly long time to realize you meant Rotties doing the herding.

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