Here I am again/pecking order injury


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May 5, 2020
I have 3 cockerels, 1 of which I've figured would be the dominant one for a bit (he's just been a bit more assertive from the start). Today I noticed them all facing off a few times, but when I went back out there the other 2 cockerels had bloody faces.

I know they all will peck at the color red, so I cleaned them as best I could & put neosporin on their wounds, but they're still pretty red/raw. So I have those 2 separated back into the large dog crate. Is that the right move? I need to get some of the wound stuff that covers the red, but even if/when I get that, can it be used on their faces? So frustrating because their space has increased and now the boys start pecking at each other. The dominant/largest Cockrell? Completely unscathed.
No help but I found when they all moved to the big coop and run they got a little more frisky. So hopefully it will subsided.

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