Here is my new chicken coop. *ANOTHER LITTLE UPDATE*

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  1. Hello, I just made this coop for 18.00 [​IMG] , I got everything for free exept the wire, Now i decided that im going to put wire on the ground and life the coop off the ground on stilts so im going to have to get more wire but thats only going to be like 10.00 more. the run part is 3' 9"deep and 4 feet wide and 2 feet high, and the house part is about alittle over 2 feet deep and 3 feet wide and the front is 2 feet and it angles down to 15 inches. Ok ill stop talking and get to the pics., here they are,




    I will post an updated pic. when it has wire on the floor and on stilts [​IMG]. Thanks

    ETA: i changed the title to chicken so i can get more replies lol but this is for quail.
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    Looking real nice. great job. [​IMG]
  4. Thanks, maybe i should re-post this in the "other" section?

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    [​IMG] I like it .....
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    Quote:No you are in the right section, just add the word chicken instade of quail and you will get more replies [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. That looks great and how inexpensive...good for you..and the quail.
    We have a "Quail" as well, but she is an Ameracaun or EE. My kids thinks she looks like one.


  8. LOL thats funny, how many coturnix quail can you think i can fit in that? i was thinking a rooster with 5 hens?Thanks
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    Cute little coop [​IMG]

  10. OK, here it is, we used blocks because they wont rot, or decay and we had them left over from are patio. there look crooked but everything is level. here ya go!,





    and i built this whole by myself and for only 38.00 [​IMG] Thanks
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