Heritage Delaware Hens (group of 3) N. Ga. Mtns


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The price is for all three together and they must go together. Kira is two years old, Phoebe is a year old, and Gracie is about 8 mths old (Kira's daughter sired by Isaac and in the main image in this ad). All are laying well now. They developed a habit of picking at my rooster's comb and wattles way too much and I have no idea if a change of scenery and roosters will help or if they'd do better in a rooster-less laying flock. Gracie is the best looker of the three, Kira and Phoebe's combs are not the best, but they both have good tail black (Kira is getting hers back after her molt, so her tail is a bit rough). I am changing up some things around here anyway, so this is an opportunity for someone to get some nice laying girls. They come from some good lines.

This is pickup/cash only, I will not ship these ladies, so please don't ask.

Before bidding, please send me pictures of your coop and pens. This is part of my process for approving all buyers before I send these off to a new home. I care deeply for chickens and want to make sure they are going to a good home.

These may be picked up anytime after the you win the auction. I'm near the juncture of TN/NC/GA in Fannin County, GA. Thanks.

Kira in the right foreground:





Glad these beauties found a new home. Now lets hope he can get them to behave I miss my Dellies.
They will have a nice new coop, super adorable and with a covered safe run, too (hot wired!). They are good layers and I think their new owner will be pleased with them.

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