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    Apr 14, 2017
    Hello, I'm fairly experienced in betta fish, but recently I set up a betta sorority of six. It's been set up for about 2 months now with all the fish and live plants and stuff, but 2 of my bettas (They are both dumbo eared) have torn up pectoral fins. I could use any help as to why this is, here are the tank facts and stuff::
    *Yes, all the bettas are females (I'm not stupid)
    *They have tank-mates that consist of a school of 10 Neon Tetras and 3 Otocinclus'
    *The tank is 30 gallons (29 if ya wanna be picky, but pretty much 30)
    *The temperature is constantly 80 degrees Ferinheight
    *Ammonia levels are very low/nonexistent (I changed the water yesterday, plus there is only a relatively low bioload due to the tank being kinda understocked)
    *Ph is on the lower side, around 6.2 (This has been a problem in the past, about a month ago the Ph dropped to almost 5.4)
    *Live plants only
    *There are shells and rocks in the tank
    *The bettas are no longer fighting amongst themselves because they have successfully set up their hierarchy
    *Filter flow is a little stronger then I would like it but it's not horrible
    *The Otocinclus' is new, I got them to help with an algae problem
    *The water hardness is slightly high

    The picture (In attached files) Is one of the dumbos that has torn up fins. I'm 99% sure that these tears are not from the other betta fish, at least not recently. (The one in the picture is named Orchid)

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    Jan 13, 2019
    Welcome! My opinion would be that maybe since Orchid has longer/bigger fins, the other fish were attracted to hurt her more than some of the other fish. It could be fin-rot, but usually you will see a mold-looking substance on the affected fin. Maybe she got caught on something? That would be hard though, since you have live plants. Your tank sounds perfect, so those are my only ideas.
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  3. SurferchickinSB

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    Feb 23, 2018
    Well, I think that fish have a protective slime on the outside of their bodies to protect from bacteria and fungus and the like. If your fishes fins have been pecked, the protective slime was probably removed and now it probably has some type of fungus or something. I would go to the fish store, ask them and then get some whatever additive or medication to add to the water.
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  4. BlackTigerCurse

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    Apr 14, 2017
    okay, thank you guys, I'll see if it heals up with some aquarium salt or something within the next month or so. I don't see any clear signs or finrot or any fungus. I've had males before that had fin rot (I was inexperienced back then and had him in a mere one gallon) and he had a greyish film almost, surrounding where his fins where torn and rotting and I don't see any of that on my fish now, so I don't think its fin rot, but it could be fungus maybe, this tank did have an ick break out like a month ago but I cleared that up before it got bad. idk, we'll see if it heals by itself soon, and I'll keep a watch out for a fungus or if it gets worse.
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    Your acid water can certainly contribute to torn up fins. Try adding more shells, a bag of crushed coral in tank or filter or use baking soda. Change pH gradually to whatever is best for bettas. If you have any driftwood in tank remove it or it will be more difficult to raise pH. We used to use Stress Coat to help with scale and fin problems. Also google Columnaris, you may have an infectious problem.

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