Hey from the Eastern Shore of Maryland!


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May 18, 2012
Eastern Shore of Maryland
Growing up in a rural community, as a child I'd always wanted some kind of farm animal. Now all grown up and close to 40 years old, I'm a homeowner, wife and mother of two boys, and live on the outskirts of town in a development. Our fenced in backyard makes for a nice, secluded spot where we already have a huge vegetable, fruit and flower garden. We decided to get chicks through McMurray, and they are due to arrive in 2-3 days! I am so excited, I feel like a kid! We put a new roof on the overhang at the back of our shed, and the coop is going up this weekend, with a brooder going inside the coop. I will be on here a lot checking out info...and I've already noticed the differences of opinions, but with the research I've been doing, I've decided how I want to start my chicks. Thanks for such a great site! :)
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan
Hi Amber! I am on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in Queen Anne's County :)

I am still 'lurking' and planning for the most part. I am trying to get into homesteading and in the planning phases. I want to do a cinderblock rasied bed garden and chicken coop. Wonder if you have a garden too / some wisdom/advice? Trying to figure out where I should place things in our yard to make the most of things....

Also curious about what breed/experience since I have 2 young children and a labradoodle...


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