Hey from the Eastern Shore of Maryland!

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    May 1, 2013
    Eastern Shore here too, no chickens yet, just researching right now. Looking at breeds and coops. I'm in a small town outside of Easton and work in Queen Anne's County. I've seen lots of intersting things on this site, it's awesome, but not much on the shore. Yesterday I found a swap and sale going on in June but it's up above Frederick, same with a Homesteading Days event going on. Anyone know of things like this here on the shore?

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    Sorry, Dawn, this thread was so far down my page that I didn't see your post. (and I haven't been on the computer much at all)

    The Maryland Poultry Swap was, indeed, in June...I missed it because I didn't want to make that 4 1/2 hour drive all by myself both ways. (back problems - would need someone to share driving.)

    There are some other ones coming up - Smyrna,DE, on September 7 and again in Sharpsburg on September 21.

    Oh yeah...I just looked back at my post from last July. No more chickens, my foot!

    My husband decided to make some "jokes" about baby chicks...so I got more chickens. Then the brilliant man decided to make jokes about ducks. So now I have ducks. He recently joked that I don't have enough hens for my rooster...[​IMG]
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