Hey Hey Hey!!!


11 Years
Mar 12, 2009
Columbia, TN
Hey BYC!!! My name is Rand Shaw and I am from Columbia, TN. I had no idea this site existed!!! I have already met some amazing people!! I was raised with chickens all my life, but now I have my own farm and gonna start out with my own flock! After much much much research I finally decided on Orpingtons! I also found out that quality stock is very hard to find. I want to throw out a HUGE THANK YOU to Dawn at dawn on the farm for ALL your help with my "Orp Quest", "MissPrissy" for helping me with my first batch of Orpington eggs
, and Torie from Alaska for getting me in touch with MissPrissy!! That is what is soooooo great about this site!!! I have never met these people, and ALL of them have gone waaaay out of their way to help me get exactly what I am looking for! Thanks again Ladies!!! AWESOME site!!!! Congratulations on hitting 25,000 members!!! I can see why!!!

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