Hey I Need Some Advice On Day 22 Eggs


Angel Egg
12 Years
Dec 26, 2007
Hey everyone

I have 2 silkie eggs on day 22 i thought today was day 21 but i misread my calendar

they are still alive i just candle this was my first time opening the bator since morning of day 18 or 19? lol

anyways these eggs have been iffy since day one since they were in the mail over a week and through out the incubation there air cells were and is REALLY big and has taken over most the egg space

but they have made it so far....

when i just candle one chick i can still see some veins in the egg but it's still moving and it pip through the air cell

the other egg i saw no veins but the chick has pip through the air cell and is moving but that's it

i don't know what to do?

my temp has been steady at 100

and humidity has been steady at 66% still is

any advice will be much appreciated thanks


11 Years
Jan 11, 2009
North Carolina
I'd give them a light misting and wait and see . I've had some make it on day 23 but I had to wet them and help them out , but if you do go slow and use warm water.

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