Hey I'm new and have just one question


7 Years
Oct 18, 2012
Chico, CA
I just started my whole chicken adventure and this site has been the most helpful tool along the way.
I have four hens that I bought from someone nearby Chico/ Paradise area.
A 9 month-1 year old White Leghorn
One 5, and one 4, month old Barred Rock girl
Rhodie that's about 5 months too

I bought them as pullets and they have been great, took a little while for them to get warmed up to me (They were basically totally free range the rest of their lives at their previous home)

Once the leghorn Snow White relaxed, she started laying eggs 1 a day like clockwork but I noticed her behavior changed a lot at the same time and more than the others who were not laying. Instead of fleeing to the corner of the coop when I reached too close in she would raise her wings, get really low and stomp for a second.

Now that Pepper, my older of the two Barred Rocks has began laying, (just this week too!!) she's adopted the same ritual. Stomping the feet, getting really low and raising the wings.

The other two girls I've never seen do this, what does it mean in chicken??

My instincts tell me they are trying to protect there nest, and go mama bear.... but... they have also gotten much less scared in general and are much calmer when being pet and even picked up than the other two
Your laying hens have accepted you as their rooster. Congrats! They are squatting so their rooster can mate them and to show submission. Only laying hens do it and it is normal for their behavior and personality to change after they start laying. The behavior is normal no need to worry.
Hello and welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us!
Great place to learn, laugh, and find so many chicken crazy peeps like yourself!

I am new to this too, my small flock is only 12 weeks old, so I am not at the stage of laying or submission yet! Can't wait till they do!

Do all hens do this after they lay? Do they stop doing it if they go through molt or during the winter?

I will surely welcome a bit quieter personality! Mine don't want any part of me picking them up, or touching them. I have handled them a lot since day 1!

Welcome again!
. Glad you got the answer to your question! That's very interesting

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