Hey im niki


6 Years
Apr 24, 2013
Hey guys my name is niki and thanks for letting me join. im still a teen and really want a chicken. i have a horse but no chicken lol :( im hoping you guys could help me figure out how to convince my mom in letting me get a chicken. if you have have ideas please share ;)
Chickens eat less then horse and they make you breakfast
Greetings from Kansas and
! Great to have you here! Might want to make it plural - chickens, as chickens don't do well singly - you need at least 2, preferably 3 birds. I agree with the above, though - you could give these reasons to your mom:
1) hens provide awesome eggs
2) a hen and rooster make a self-sustaining flock
3) meat chickens rival the flavor of store bought
4) chicken poop is awesome fertilizer
5) if they don't work out you can always turn into dinner

Hope you can make a convincing argument! Best wishes!
Thanks yall :) i wish you could just have one chicken but it sounds like ill need 2 which is probably not gonna happen lol! But ive always wanted one lol
Got an new batch of chicks this morning. These are going to be pets with benefits (eggs). I think they will be fine. Hope I've had good luck so far with the last to batches.
Maybe your mom would allow you to have one tiny chicken as a housepet. Seramas are the smallest breed of chicken and originated as house pets in Malaysia - my friend has two small hens and they are totally house pets.

Or a silkie could be a housepet also- if you spend a lot of time with them, you can be their flock mate instead of another chicken.

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