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Pastel the Rooster

Free Ranging
Apr 22, 2022
Southern Georgia
Hey, so I have been on BYC for about three months, getting to know the place.

I have three Barred Rock Black Australorp mixes. Two roosters and one hen. I am getting rid of one of the roo's soon. I have one Rhode Island Red hen. I have a Ameracauna hen. I have six adult Guinea fowl and I am incubating twenty-two right now!
I have three dogs, two mixes of about every dog breed in the world :gigand one 12 year old Australian Shepherd Black Lab Mix.
My Guinea fowl will be a year old at the end of this month. My chickens were born in September, October, and one in November.
I have been part of BYC for about three months, but I have been getting used to everything, so I am a bit late for a member introduction, but I figure ya'll need to know who I am.
I have a family of four, not including all my pets.
Some hobby's I like are ( in favorite order) Horse riding, Reading, Biking, Fishing, and Swimming. Plus spending time with my pets.
I enjoy watching my birds run around ( my Guinea's are the only ones that free range. My chicken's are too special.) I love how my guineas chase each other and what characters they are!

I am glad to be here on Back Yard Chickens!!!

Pastel The Rooster♤♡◇♧♡

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