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Dec 4, 2018
Lakeside, Oregon
Hi! This is my second time raising chickens but the longest run so far. I started out a few years ago but we had major predator issues so after much devastation and heartbreak I decided to take a break for a while. Now with covid and all, I figured this was the best time to pick up where I left off. I ultimately just want to raise these as pets and also for eggs, but I'd love to experience a hatch 🐣. I'm also wanting to add a lady duck or two for my drake. Right now I've got 3 olive eggers, two definitely hens, one still questionable, and a Pekin drake. I was hoping the duck was a girl so I'd get some eggs but I knew deep down it'd end up being a boy lol. I was also hoping he'd be a lot more friendly but as it is, my chickens are more friendly and trusting than ducky. He's very suspicious and I think is now coming of age and is looking to mate 😂😩

So, I started back in early April with 4 olive eggers. One decidedly became the rooster without a doubt, comb, crow, and all. Unfortunately one day while we were gone, we believe the neighborhood dog got my rooster, he was at our house when I got home and he was chasing one of my hens. There was a blood spot on the driveway and not another sign of my rooster anywhere. I ended up buying an older rooster, just slightly older than my flock, and they all adjusted to each other within two days. So everyone's been happy up till yesterday, when my new rooster went missing. I believe he got scared off into the woods by the house and got lost bc they will go in there to keep cool so they go in and out of there but when I saw my duck walking with only 2 of my hens, I knew something was wrong. After a few minutes, one of my other chickens (I really can't tell if it's a hen or roo) came out of the woods from their usual spot but the rooster was MIA. We called for him all day and not even a crow in response. My husband said this morning he may have heard crowing coming from the woods but isn't sure bc we're surrounded by chickens and roos in our area. So I'm taking in the fact that we've likely lost our second roo in a year 😩 I do expect to expand my flock little by little but for now I was thinking about staying with the ones I've got which leads me to my next part: I'm wondering if my questionable chicken truly is a roo so maybe I don't need to get another one?? It's never crowed but it's got a bigger comb than the other two, red on it's shoulders, longer hackles, and thicker legs and feet. From what I've read these are all the signs of a rooster? But still no crow? This one does more of the protecting for the flock than our last rooster (it chases after our nosey pups) and acts more "sassy". I'd really love y'alls input. I've been able to tell the difference very early on or at least by this point. My flock is about 4 months old now.

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Jul 31, 2020
Thank y'all so much! So this morning my husband let the chickens out when he got home from his night shift and he told me that my newly discovered rooster was crowing! So I'm thinking he's just not as chatty or the other roos just stepped up first? And tomorrow I'll be picking up a lady for my drake! My choices were between another Pekin or a swedish black. I think I'm gonna go with another Pekin and if it all goes well and I'm able to get a pond/ducky oasis built this fall, I think I'll try out the swedish black too. My entire brid experience this summer has been completely unknown by my husband till he comes home and finds I've purchased a new bird 😂 I did warn him this would happen lol

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