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    Jul 13, 2017
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    i am wondering if i can keep quail and chickens in the same coop/run, Thanks! if you have i would love some pics!
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    A long time ago we kept quail and chickens but ALWAYS kept them separate. A lot of chickens are carriers of a disease called Coryza where the nasal passages become inflamed. Quail can spread it and die very quickly from it. Chickens may also attack the quail. I'm sure some people have kept them together successfully but I would't risk it.
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    Jul 13, 2017
    Northport WA
    i was thinking of just putting their pen in the coop so it would be heated. they wouldn't have actual contact with the chickens.
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    Here's some great information on Coryza in relation to quail.

    This is a bacterial infection that is mainly spread to quail from chickens. Clinical signs are swelling all around the face...foul, thick, smelly discharge from the eyes and nostrils...labored breathing...rattles from the lungs and breathing tubes...and the eye lids can even stick together from being irritated and gummy. It is imperative that you do not keep your quail with your chickens or anywhere near them. Chickens can be carriers of this disease and show no symptoms of it, infecting and killing your quail. Keep Chickens in their own quarters at least 20 feet or more away from your quail. This bacteria blows in the wind too. Visit your quail first before working with your chickens. If you keep your quail in aviaries, designate a pair of shoes just for your aviary so you are not dragging in bacteria. Wash your hands between the two species, even change your clothes if you are doing a lot of cleaning in the chicken area. Do not share waterers, feeders or cleaning utensils. I know this sounds extreme, but quail are highly susceptible to Coryza from chickens and quail are much harder to cure than chickens. So be very careful if you keep both quail and chickens. As with chickens, the survivors of this disease become carriers for life even if they show no symptoms of it.
    There are several drugs you can use to treat Coryza. However, Sulfadimethoxine seems to work the best in this case.
    There is a 5 day egg and meat withdrawal when using this product.
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    Quail don’t need a heated coop. They just need a place where they can get out of the wind. You may need a heated waterer depending on how cold your area gets.
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