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7 Years
Oct 31, 2012
Wanted to say Hi!
Im Steph from Ny. Isnt exactly my first time here =P But my first time back in a while.
Little about myself.
Live on two acres land in a cottage type house. Livin in the back woods haha
I have a few silkies Honeybuns, Angie, Twinkle Toes, Miss Muffet, Midnight, Furry, Sweety Pie, Have a couple Frizzlie polish also Gabby, Misschief, Foghorn
Some black east indie ducks Dahlielah, Martha, Louie, Poofpoof. 2 absolutly friendly parakeets Tweety, Diamond, 1 lion head Rabbit Cinderella. My newest addition is a Cockatiel Boy named Boobear I got in March. And 2 Male Husky Mutts.. Forest & Marlie. They are crazy dogs but I still love them =D
Forest is named after the Movie Forest Gump. Marlie was from Marley & Me. But he is nothing like the dog in the movie. He is the good dog and Forest is the Durp. Im wishing I switched the names when they were puppies =D
Hopeing soon to Add Button quail to the family.
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from washington state glad you joined us!

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