HHHmmm Confusing rooster please help!!!


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Aug 7, 2009
Ok So i have a Giant black Jersey rooster, Well in the morning you open the coupe door, and the chicken will rush out, And see you as competition, fluff his feather around his kneck and stand tall, now at first we didnt wanna do nothing so we walked away but then he was chasing you so we run away lol. Well anyways now all i do is open the chicken coupe and stand my ground. and after a minute or so he will back down. and will be fine with me for the rest of the day. until the next day. Also ive had 2 jack russels living with my hens for 3 years of there life. and they have been very happy together. now we have the rooster which was one of the eggs we hatched. It will chase my dogs around the Garden, And it ends up having my dogs hiding in my low trees, and scrating at the door to get in so now my dogs not to keen on the back garden.

Any ideas, to stop my rooster being agressive in the mornings. and also stopping him from chasing my dogs

cheers guys/gals much appretiated



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May 20, 2009
Dublin, Ireland
Through advice I've seen on this site and practised successfully.....

To stop the daily stand-off: Chase the roo for a few mins more than you think is necessary and if possible, if you're quick, let his backside feel the tip of your boot...gently of course...more of a slight shunt.

To give the dogs back the garden: build a run for the chooks...dont give them free reign. Its a toss up between being able to give them complete freedom and have scared dogs, OR give them only the space they need and have happy hounds.

good luck lad

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