Hi All From Colorado


6 Years
Apr 17, 2013
Peyton, Colorado
Hi all... From Colorado and loving the farm life... I already have 8 grown hens and 1 silkie Rooster... Absolutley love his attitude... I also rescued 2 female hens from a zoo that had to many chickens... They are really big, alot bigger then my girls... I will get some pics once the snow goes away..

I also just got some baby chicks that i am so excited to watch them grow
they are all 1 week old... (4) Americana's , (2) Cuckoo Marans (2) mottled lava (1) Royal palm turkey.. The baby turkey is SO adorable.. my 1st one so i am a little nervous ....

My other furbabies are (5) Baby Ducks - not sure what kind i think one is a chochlate runner
(2) 8 week old White Cochin ... (2) Rouhen Ducks They are grown and mating now... (3) 5 week old Geese
6 year old Alpaca and (3) Horses 2 of which are full breed registered Mustangs and 1 quarter horse....

Its great to be here and i hope to learn alot about my babies that i dont already know....
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Hey TexasAngel! Welcome to BYC and the chicken experience!

There are lots of great people near you who are on BYC. Check out the Colorado Thread: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/68894/colorado/14280#post_10971692 and come over and join us.

We are having a ChickenFest on the 18th of May at my place. Click on the link in my signature for more information. It will be lots of fun for all, with many activities for kids and adults alike.

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