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Apr 24, 2013
Hi my name is Jess and im new to the whole quail thing. I just got a pair of Buttons and after hearing about how difficult it is to have the female incubate her own chicks my hen has gone broody and has been sitting on the eggs for 10 days now! If they actually hatch out im going to have a lot of questions im sure. I researched the basics such as food and i know i need to put marbles in the water etc. Anyways i guiess thats it for now. :)
Wow, you are so fortunate to have a button hen brooding so well! I would love to know your secret on how you were able to get her to stay on her eggs. Mine will sit for only a couple of hours, then wander off. I hope you will keep us updated on her progress - thanks so much for sharing the photo of her.
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I honestly have no idea how or why shes sitting. I have her and her mate in a mixed cage with a canary, finch and a pair of diamond doves. I normally took all the eggs out every 7 days and used them to feed other animals i had but i was out most of that last weekend and on day 9 when i went to grab the eggs i noticed she pushed them all together and was sitting tight. I left her just to see what would happen and so far so good. I wish she wasnt in the cage with the rest of the birds. I dont know if the chicks would be able to fit through the bars of the cage, the bottom 5 inches are covered in plexi glass but im not sure if they can jump over it.

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