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Jan 25, 2020
Hi! new Aussie member here : )

I had started raising chickens when I was much younger (my first two chickens being at aged 12, one being a bantam cross silkie and the other being a frizzle named alfredo and benedict respectively). I took a break and have recently started raising more poultry as pets, eggs being an added bonus!

I currently have a female muscovy who will be turning 1 in march named Ronnie, and a chicken who is now 5 months named Adrianne. Both hand raised and very affectionate creatures. They being the sisters to my three other pets, max, rhino (two dogs) and kitch ( a cat), all getting along as if best friends.

Since a child I have always loved ducks, and have always insisted on having a pet duck, however the opportunity (housing, an appropriate area, access to food) never arose until now. Ronnie, is my first duck and she is absolutely wonderful . My chicken was the lone survivor of 4 sick chicks and has been treated like a human child since birth, hence her attention seeking and general need to be near me when outside.

All of our animals (except the chicken) were all rescues in one way or another, my duck being a giveaway on facebook, and the two dogs and cat being from the local shelter. I am an avid photographer in my spare time, and absolutely adore my pets with my whole heart.

Below is my main girl Ronnie : )
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