Hi another newby joining the flock

egg xactly

9 Years
Mar 13, 2013
Hi we are new to chicken ranching...lol we live in Oklahoma and have a small ranch with cattle, 2 horses, 4 rescue doggies, 4 cats and 10 hens a variety of rocks,Delawares and Light Sussex and then we decided to try ordering dayold chicks and have 6 juveniles (Lanshans) out of the group. That was an interesting experience for sure!
My sweet husband built a nice chicken house and now we added a chicken run complete with shade screen to help cut the summer blazing heat for our girls. They also have a very large yard outside of that that we sometimes keep our dogs in. Of course they love to run outside of that and venture to the barn, flowerbed, garage..etc. This website has been very helpful to us as you all give so much information. Thanks and glad to be here. "egg xactly" !

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