hi BYC Got a confused pullet and need advice.

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    Jul 1, 2015
    HI BYC! New to owning laying hens. However, I did a little work on my uncles meat cow/chicken farm as a teen.
    Starting out on my journey in laying hens I bought three pullets from a local man on CL. Two Brown leghorn x buff Orpington and one that is supposedly a Dorking. Well, long story short one of the crosses took a really long time to begin to lay. At one point i thought she might even be a cockeral, but she never crowed once.

    Fast forward to a week ago when i received a free RIR(not sure if production red) rooster and a cinnamon queen hen. Well, as expected the roo started mounting the hens. He isn't very rough about it and seems to know what he is doing. But what I did NOT anticipate was one of my BLxO pullets started trying to mount my others. She seems more rough or maybe she just doesn't know what she's doing. I attached a photo of her and the roo. Any advice is appreciated and will be taken into consideration. Thank you for reading this.

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    She's a hen for sure. Maybe she thought that it looked like fun? [​IMG]
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    I'm no chicken expert, but females mounting other females is common in many animal species. Cows do it frequently, dogs do it frequently, etc.
    Maybe she's trying to establish herself in the pecking order with the addition on new chickens?
    What a gorgeous roo!

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