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    wow I was just reading production for opringtons on egg laying is only medium I thought they were a high egg layer? I have a mixed flock of birds and never seem to get enough eggs.NOw I have switched out my birds and have pullets no eggs yet several americauns,and blrw with some mixed bantams so hoping for better production.I have 3doz orpingtons to set in the bator today.
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    Kellie, I think it's best to remember that every bird is an individual and they can't read egg fact information. My LF brahmas are supposed to (according to the charts) be fair layers, laying medium sized eggs. It's not uncommon for me to get 8 to 10 eggs a day (from 13 layers, so someone is laying every day) and while most of their eggs are medium in size there's quite a few whoppers in there too.
    Also, most of the information is on breed charts etc., is referring to breeder quality birds, not the hatchery birds which are generally more geared towards egg laying.

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