Hi everyone! Newbie From Utah!


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Mar 17, 2018
Morning! I’ve posted a couple times but haven’t introduced myself yet. First time flock owner and I now have 6 chickens! 7 weeks: welsummer, Dominique, barred rock, & buff Orpington. 4-5 weeks: Rhode Island Red (production red I think) & a Black sex link. We’re still keeping them separate, but can’t wait to have all the girls together. We had an EE, but he ended up being a roo, so we had to exchange him for the younger ones. This site has been so incredibly helpful already! Thank you all! Chickens are SO much fun!!!


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The Black one has a bald spot - is a rooster bothering her already?
That’s the top of her leg that hasn’t feathered out yet. She was soaking up the sun, stretching. They’re so funny when they do this! We got the bsl and rir the same time we returned our cockerel. The juvies had been picking on each other a little bit in the pen at the store. But have been fine since then. These two are so sweet and love to crawl all over us. :)

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