Diy hobbit house chicken coop

  1. chickencheeper
    In this article I will be going through the steps to building our hobbit house chicken coop. 0CA5FEE3-C8C5-4A79-925A-EF5E6A4D6523.jpeg
    First we laid down the concrete footers and put the 4x4s in. This picture shows us sizing the Trex composite decking out.

    8DC8A5E6-56CE-4D4F-8881-1E62A17649BA.jpeg 81C2157C-0DA0-4704-9108-CBD8FE7A64F2.jpeg 67018AFC-3B18-426B-9F5D-C87D0915E8B9.jpeg 78B9E251-A9CD-4371-B467-D02C75DA4F2C.jpeg 2FB490FB-6624-4930-8AD2-935A937E2CED.jpeg
    Next we finished building the frame and attaching the composite decking.

    CC1AA893-3D59-4C7D-9907-11BA8497C736.jpeg 4AC292F2-30DF-4EBB-9B47-5ACA7D1885AD.jpeg B9AAAE58-261D-4F4B-A238-9F43A020D842.jpeg 0E40D7A4-002A-4DFF-A041-90E1A1BBA3BB.jpeg
    Next we put in the flooring and attached the swinging doors.

    4C284FFE-9896-4AC1-94B9-37D6053AE4D6.jpeg 4C284FFE-9896-4AC1-94B9-37D6053AE4D6.jpeg
    Then we put vines along the edge of the roof and lined the top of the roof with thick rubber and put cedar shingles on

    7A3E2460-8BEA-40D1-8386-40D644F14EFC.jpeg 119E839D-2F23-491B-B819-5A4830164F75.jpeg 55BDB106-1FE9-4425-9C44-1764D639A72F.jpeg 9BF4FD00-E92E-4583-9DDF-2AF51E472636.jpeg 5E66A262-9885-437C-8913-48BE396752D7.jpeg
    Then we put rich soil on the top about 3 inches deep and planted flowers and parsley and other greens and lots of moss

    DE8FFF35-7130-4795-B072-FF9904F1D3B7.jpeg F6D10A1D-1EA7-4986-8BE4-94C53CFED797.jpeg 31880386-7C80-4918-8F26-CD4CD1DF6BAE.jpeg E2E57110-3D4F-4F83-BCB1-AAF8F2ED4728.jpeg 35777986-7AC4-4BB9-9EB9-A978C46BF30D.jpeg
    Then we installed windows and a door that has a pulley to the deck for remote raising and lowering. And we put wire from the roof to the deck and lined the bottom with rocks, you may need to bury yours if you have soft ground but we have very rocky and rooted ground.

    620E0FC9-B0B4-497C-8DD0-9E6B7A37BAA2.jpeg EB33A3F5-AAF0-4B05-B75F-B719C75DF987.jpeg
    Finished product

    The swinging in windows are made from bark and plywood
    Here are the inside pictures (the wall is a winter only addition) 32855180-9495-45E6-9838-D03D25EA7424.jpeg 29FE8A83-5DE6-4D7A-BA38-C76C6F8351D6.jpeg 32829242-6E75-4474-B483-00CCB0681D94.jpeg
    The lucky peeps: 057FE5A1-35B2-4920-88EA-C14F1319C4DC.jpeg 10A3CE74-0F77-4039-BA08-125356BACCE0.jpeg 5FC7CA8A-BD75-44F7-92E4-0FB2B41BFC10.jpeg AA734AC7-ECE1-439B-84E8-041000FA7099.jpeg BFB3E1FD-17C7-4073-83AB-4CC7AE055AE9.jpeg 7279DC7D-C044-4D9B-A6A2-F3E0E9B40C5B.jpeg

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  1. Hybridchucks
    On my word! Love this so much! Awesome idea!
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  2. black_dove2
    The Chicken Underground
  3. chickencheeper
    Name ideas anyone?(for the coop)
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  4. Nardo
    THis looks like a lot of fun to build and I know your chickens are happy with their new house
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  5. FlyWheel
    Now that's cool. Are your chickens appropriately named as well?
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    1. chickencheeper
      No, I have not read the hobbit books, I just love the idea of a hobbit houses(note all of the round windows and doors). The girls are named :Ember(Rhode Island Red), Honey(buff Orpington), Blossom(silver laced Wyandotte), Pebbles and River and Ash(Plymouth barred rock)
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  6. tastyacres
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  7. puffypoo22
    Love this!
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  8. ChicKat
  9. DMD19
    Fantastic! I love the pulley system. So brilliant!
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  10. AmazingRachel
    Should have made it a bit smaller and had bantams!
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  11. sumi

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