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Chickencheeper’s animals

By chickencheeper · Jan 14, 2018 · ·
  1. chickencheeper
    I hope to get more animals like snakes, parrots, more poultry, etc
    EDIT: Sadly Storm passed away 025F4A69-D251-44AA-B9FF-B12D6FB8B45B.jpeg the new puppy 8B1D0D0D-1EC5-409F-89C4-B0F0080BA61D.jpeg edit, sadly blossom is no longer with us. Rip 04D65647-E709-4E64-8983-6A06323DA220.jpeg 2C0661FD-4789-46C2-BD37-15E5FDDFDC34.jpeg 851D274E-CB06-47B9-AE2F-3D1D3F935526.jpeg 8E2C9C63-B7AE-42F0-B0FC-6E9E542D227E.jpeg D6E4E0D6-63FE-4C21-A718-BEA94CB8CD51.jpeg 9BBF16E1-7C01-46ED-ADA4-D9169D90AB6C.jpeg

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  1. KikisGirls
    Precious pups!:love
      chickencheeper likes this.

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