Hi Everyone!


May 18, 2017
I have had 5 chickens for a year and am getting ready to introduce 8 more to my flock!! :) I am looking forward to being a member here to make sure I am doing everything right so my girls will be happy and healthy! No problems thus far....but with 8 more it might be a bit different. Thanks!!
I think the kindest, gentlest way to integrate new birds to established flock, is the "Look but don't touch method," of integration. If you put that in the search box it should come up for you.
Hello and welcome to BYC!

Definitely mix them in slowly. Keep the new ones in a cage or enclosure within the flock at all times for several weeks. They can see each other but can't touch. When you go to mix them in, watch them carefully for several days. Put out extra food and waterers as the original flock will guard and starve out the others.

Good luck and welcome to our flock!! :)

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