Hi everyone!


6 Years
Sep 18, 2013
I'm interested in raising chickens but need to know what I need to build my own coop. As cheaply (or as close to free) as possible. We are on a tight budget. My hubby can't help much. And I have no idea where to even start. Any help/advice is appreciated!
Welcome to BYC
There are some lovely coop designs in the Coops section that you can look at for inspiration/ideas. Since you are on a budget, I think you may also be interested in using recycled materials? There is a discussion on the topic here and also here. I would suggest having a browse through the Coop & Run forum section. While you are reading and researching also have a browse through the Learning Center. There is some wonderful info there for beginners and more experienced chicken keepers. Have you thought about what breeds you'd like to get? The Breeds section will help you pick breeds according to your requirements. I think that will keep you busy for awhile! LOL Have a fun and keep us posted. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask. We're here to help. Enjoy the site!

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