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May 14, 2015
Can anyone give me tips on hatching peacock eggs
I've also got blue splash and black jersey giant chocks hatch
Thanks it henry
I have only hatched peahen eggs once and had 4 out of 6 hatch... My one really big mistake was after hatch, as I let the peachicks run around with the chickens and I didn't know to worm them. All of the peachicks started losing weight and all died by 3 months... So terrible.
I wish that I had educated myself more prior to hatching the chicks as they were wonderful..
Good luck with the hatch. I'm sure there will be lots of others who will give you good incubating information for your peahen eggs!
Thanks for your reply it means a lot to me
Just seeing to some eggs that are hatching today first time
Their my favourite type jersey giants
2 colours blue splash and black not a great hatch but I learned a lot I think I had problems with humidity I've also got some blue lace jerseys but only 8 days into bation
Ive just had five bantam silkie and mixed silkies hatch a couple of days ago and now am anxiously waiting on twenty eggs to hopefully hatch tomorrow... Really worried about the temp. as the incubator thermometer is higher than the two thermometers which are right next to the eggs... I really need to check the thermometers when my hatches are over so I know which ones are accurate...
So funny about the humidity.. I have had one pretty good hatch for the last five years and this is the first year that I have had a hydrometer. I always just kept the reservoirs filled and all was good for the most part.
Backyard Chickens has been a mainstay since I started incubating. Such good information on the forums and from the learning center.
Can you post a photo of the Jersey Giants?
Hi it's Henry
I've got seven chucks hatched first time I'm pleased learnt a lot
It's amazing
I'll post some pics
I've only got my mobile in use at moment
Do they need grit at this stage cos it helps with digestion doesn't it even with the seven I experienced one took only couples of minutes to emerge then I had one start pipping at 6 in the mor nine and appeared late evening it's a great hobby hatching eggs I would like to see if I could get some from stateside could this be possible
Best wishes everyone
Great hatch!!! Isn't it wonderful? I just give them water and chick starter. My first hatch this spring was bantams and I crushed the chick crumble up as it just looked to big for the little bantam beaks! I haven't given the grit to my chicks until they are out of the brooder and in the coop... Just what I've done... Others may have different ideas.

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