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Apr 20, 2011
Hello fellow chicken lovers!

I am new to keeping chickens but I'm real excited. Back in mid April my step-son brought home 12 eggs to put into an incubator. Wha?! We're going to raise chickens!! So, after he accidently dropped 2 (whoopsie) I mark the calendar for when our (maybe) 10 babies would hatch. Long and short...the addage is so true, "don't count your chickens before they hatch". I became a new mom to 3 brand new chicks on...believe it or not...Mother's Day!! LOL

Beforehand, after candeling the eggs a couple days later we weeded out 5 of the eggs. Because we were wanting to house at least 20. I bought 6 Bantams (3 were lighter in color then the others)on 4/21 from TSC. Then my step-son brought home two more three days later. Then on 4/29 we purchased 12 more from TSC. 3 pullets, 3 EE, and 6 black ones. There were 3 that were all black, and 3 that were black with redish/brown heads.

Being this is my first post, I'm unable to post any pictures. But as soon as I'm allowed, I will because I'd love everyone's input as to if these are what TSC told us they are, not to mention the need to show off my babies.

They're currently housed in my breeseway in the chicken "Taj Mahl" as my husband calls it. With a few moving boxes from Lowes, a staple gun, duck tape, chicken wire, and some tomato stakes, I was able to build their temporary home inside while the coop is being constructed outside. Oh and I placed different sized and height roosts for them too.

QUESTION: I've kept the new babies in a separate home and they are 3 weeks old tomorrow. We're assuming the others are about 5 weeks old. What would be the best way to introduce the babies to the flock. From what I can tell, it appears as if, right now, we have 1 maybe 2 bantam roos. One of the bantams comb is real big and red and the other's is red but not quite as big. Am I right to assume this? My husband plans on finishing up the coop today. Is it too soon? Should I introduce them all at one time or introduce the babies w/the others before they move outside? HELP!! I'm worried for them. I wouldn't want anything to happen to the babies. Although I love all the chickens, those are "special" to me.

Thanks for reading my intro/story. I look forward to any and all input.

I'll post pictures soon.
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I personally don't see any reason that you can't mix 3 & 5 week olds together right now. I've had a lot of success when they were younger mixing without problems. And yes you can pretty much assume that you have two roosters! Good luck and have fun with your new babies!
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You could take them all outdoors and distract them with their own foraging when you mix them. You never know whats going to happen, of course, til you tryit, but hopefully the distraction will prevent any bloodshed.
Wow..Thanks so much for the prompt replies. During the weekend I lay paper on the floor and block off an area to let them roam outside of their indoor coop. They are so fun to watch. They can jump real high. They're getting real use to me as well. Just this morning when I walked up to watch them for awhile I slowly placed my hand down and some of them came rushing towards as if to say "what'ca got". I think they were a bit bummed that I didn't have anything. So I just finished reading about what type of treats I can give them. I'm going to try some broken up Cherrios. I'd love it for them to really trust me.

I am going to be sad to seem them go to their outside coop. I know they'll be happy with having more room. But I won't be able to see them as often.

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