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May 16, 2012
Been a long time since I had chickens but I just felt it was right to get a few laying hens for our back yard. I was raised in the counrty and we always had chickens until I got married in 1981 (had about 6 for 2 months in 1990 but had to give them away due to traveling for our work.) My husband has just retired and we love the sounds the hens make, it just makes me so relaxed and I feel so at home now. We just moved to a very quite part of town that feels like living in the counrty and chickens just seem to fix here.
Only problem we have now is our oldest chawawa killed half of the first bunch we got so we have to be doulbe sure our coop is dog proof ,and this left 1 hen and 3 roosters (which roosters have to go before they start crowing in Abilene and of course these have started crowing after a week here and they are still to skinny to eat).
I was able to find some mixed meduim sized chickens to replace the died bantys, but now we need to start planning on enlargeing our newly build coop (she gave 17 birds), but the meat birds will be bigger.lol guess it is really better in the long run as that at least 2 of these are laying eggs after 3 days.
I seem to have forgotten so much about chickens I will be asking tons of questions...hope you all dont get tired of me...


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Jun 28, 2011
Hello and
We never get tired of answering questions. Only happy to help.

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