Hi from Alberta!

Brad Nimbus

Dec 5, 2018
Hello, my name is Brad. I've plucked so much knowledge from this site that I figured it was time I register and hopefully give back to a community that has helped me so much. I grew up around waterfowl and learned to understand the behaviours of flock animals. I find their psychology so interesting. I'm definitely no professional, just an enthusiast. The fella in my profile is my best buddy Gaz Goose. He was donated to me by some friendly Hutterites. We bonded the moment we met and he's the reason why I decided to go even deeper into the world of waterfowl.

I recently found an incubator for cheap and posted an ad on the local wanted pages and quickly filled up my incubator with fertile eggs from friendly people who had winterized coops and didn't want them to go to waste. I have 5 runner/rouen eggs due within a day or so, 1 Pekin egg, 6 Muscovy eggs and 3 white Chinese goose eggs that I'm incredibly excited for. Thanks for reading and thank you for having me.

*that's a shot of my goose egg, roughly 5 days in.

Pork Pie

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Jan 30, 2015

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