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Jul 31, 2009
Arlington, WA
Hello there! I figured it was time to finally introduce myself. I live in a rural town north of Seattle, WA. While I was raised as a young girl on a farm, I did spend most of my teen years in the city. Now it's nice to finally be back in the country life!

Last spring I built my first coop and yard. Having knowledgeable family members helped a lot in this process, but the coop designs on this site were by far the best thing I have ever come across. As soon as it was finished I got myself 4 black star hens 4months old. Unfortunately one was "invited to lunch" and the other perished when we had record 100+ temps.

Then I decided to get 2 buff orphingtons that were around 1 yr old. I loved these girls but both succumbed to coccidia and perished.

Now I am the proud chicky momma of 3 barred rock (4-6 mo) pullets and 2 remaining black star hens that are pushing 1 yr.

I just recently got my first chicks. All are barred rocks and are 3 1/2 weeks old. They just moved into their own outdoor brooder/coop with attached yard. All are thriving and feathering quickly, and I do keep the brooder very warm.

Thanks to all of you who contribute information on this site/forum. It has been one of the best (and my fave) places to go for information.

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