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Sep 18, 2013
Hi everyone. I am new and have 6 chickens. I have 4 gorgeous Isa Browns that I have had for just over a year and last week gained 2 new family members, 5 & 3 day old chicks. They are the cutest things ever. I am unsure of the breeds as they were hatched at my daughters kindergarten. Will post pictures and if anyone could please help me to identify them that would be very helpful.
this is Daisy (assuming a girl ....... More like hopeful)
and this is the gorgeous moggy.
They have been such a delight to have. I love watching them and how curious they are. Looking forward to better weather so I can take them outside.
Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us! It would be easier to identify the breeds once they are fully feathered. If you can wait a few more weeks and post pics of them here:


I'm sure the members there would be happy to help you and will probably be able to have a guess at gender(s) as well. Hoping for girls!
Thank you. Yes very much hoping
For girls. However if they are Roos there is a poultry free range farm not far from us that will swap them with us and give us "sexed" baby's and we will start over again. This has been
So awesome not only for the kids but for me too. We got our Isa's at
Point of lay
So never got to watch them get big. I can't believe how fast they grow.
Welcome to BYC! I live in Texas, but we visited Australia briefly last fall and loved it. We were in Sydney for a couple of days and a couple of days in Port Douglas. We hope to come back for a longer visit. It's wonderful that your daughter's kindergarten class hatched chicks. What a fine learning experience for the kids. One reason we have chickens is to give visiting grandchildren a first-hand experience with backyard chickens and gathering eggs.
There is an Australian thread on here called "Six states and one funny little Island." Aussies also tend to hang out at the Emu threads.

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