Hi from Delaware!


Aug 8, 2016
Hi there I've searched this site for a few years now regarding my chickens but finally joined! Love all the great information and experiences shared on here, it's been so helpful for someone just getting into raising chickens! I have 5 hens and a rooster and would like to expand just a little more! The rooster was added to our family just yesterday and I want to share a pic because I've never had one with a comb like his! What do ya'll think about this? Is it true it's rare? The lady thought his breed was used for fighting, but she's raised him to be pretty sweet so far, hoping he gets along well with my hens! I've also had a broody hen for quite some time now, and have been trying to get her to stop, of all else fails at least she can actually be a mama sooner than later!
Welcome to BYC, a comb and long wattles like he has are especially prone to frostbite - if you live where winters are extreme.

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