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Hi, my name's Ursula I live in Dunedin, New Zealand with my husband, Chris, 15 month old daughter, Bella (Isabella) and our boarder (and good friend) Aimee, we have another baby on the way who should arrive in November as long as nothing more goes wrong. we live in the suburbs and have about 400sqm of garden/lawn in the backyard (around 6500sq ft for the Americans). We're looking at getting some chickens and rabbits for eggs and meat. we can have a rooster as far as I have been able to figure out as long as the neighbors don't object, I figure if I can keep him from crowing at disgusting o'clock in the morning and share some eggs with them we should be OK. I've been thinking I'd like Araucana's, I've read they are a dual purpose bird so good for meat and eggs, which is what we want & I really like the idea of the coloured eggs.

I'd also eventually like some other types of birds, for meat and/or eggs, maybe quail. I like the idea of ducks and pheasants or partridges too but don't know if we have enough space/facilities for them here. would love peacocks but not until we can afford to move to the country and have plenty of space for them (and more distant neighbors). have thought about dove or pigeon as well.

locally we can get:
Guinea Fowl
Chickens (obviously)
and even a couple of emu! (not that we have space for those!)

we have quite high fences around our backyard (about 1.8m/6ft) and will be putting in gates the same height to keep them from the front.
If anyone has any suggestions on getting started with chickens, or can answer any of the questions below I'd appreciate the advice.

what type of housing might work best with only 400sqm of backyard? given that I'd still like to be able to use the backyard and not have no lawn.
what other types of birds might work well in that small a space along with chickens?
what do people think of Araucanas for dual purpose when just starting out?
how many birds should I start with?
what breeds of birds would be good for our situation?
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

I don't have Araucanas so I will not comment on them. There are many dual-purpose breeds that would probably satisfy you, and you can certainly get a variety, many of us keep "rainbow layer" flocks so as to have a nice variety of egg colors.

Standard fowl should have 4 square feet of floor space in the coop and 10 in the run for each bird, so you can plan your facilities accordingly.
thanks for the welcome
does anyone have any suggestions of what birds would be good in the space we have other than chickens? or answers to any of my other questions?
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Hi Ursala. My name is Nourah and I live in Dunedin too and also looking for Araucanas. Did you find any? I love the colour of their eggs :)

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