Hi from Harpers Fwrry WV


6 Years
5 Years
Sep 20, 2014
Harpers Ferry WV
Hi, I'm Alex. I've had chickens basically all my life with only minor breaks when a place didnt allow them. Currently my flock is 10 hens (sorry to say I killed the rooster after he tried to attack for the first time). One hen is broody on 5 eggs I picked up at a friend's house that is nicer to roosters than I am. Oh, I'm nursing my neighbors last hen that was attacked by some wild animal, guessing racoon and had her comb eaten off and her cheek. She is already well over 5 years old and I just cant believe her will to live. If she makes it I will keep her with mine. Lots of changes coming with new chicks anyways. I'm building a coop and have a 10x10 dog kennel attached. They get to free roam the property and neighbors yards too. My dogs are good with them. One of my 3 cats is a little feisty and will chase them. I'm building a special fence with top for the mom and chicks, cause he's a hunter and otherwise it will end bad. Oh, I have salmon favorelle, barred rock, Rhode island reds, bantams, white leghorn, black one I forgot.... the eggs will be a surprise. My friend even has ayam cermani, we will see. :)
Here pics of broody, the patient and the flock with house.
Happy chicken times

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