Hi from Los Gatos, CA


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Jun 1, 2020
Los Gatos, CA
I've been raising chickens in a coop since 2009. This year I fenced in my garden and made a run where my girls can "free range". My flock is eclectic, I have an Ameriarucana Bantam, Mille Foile d' Uncle Bantam, (sp), a buff Brahma Bantam, two Jersey Giants, a Barred Rock, and several Orrpingtons (buff, black, speckled). Recently I lost my two rescued hens; a big red hen to old age, a Colombian Wyandotte to a hawk strike. The three banties are my oldest hens, still laying (and brooding), the rest are this year's girls. I think that one of the Orrpingtons might be a roo based on how s/he is strutting around the yard. I am spending more time in my "chicken yard" since we have been under stay at home orders. Love my girls (and possibly my boy).

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