Hi from Maine

Peggy H

6 Years
Apr 20, 2013
I'm new to raising chicken.... last weekend I bought 6 chick and 1 died...... so now i have 5 .... anyway I need all the help I can get as I know nothing about raising chicken.... My first question can chicken live inside all the time.... I have a 8'x8' space for them.... when they are old enough to be in their coop.....What about a light in the coop 24/7 and what size..... Thanks for any hepl.....Peggy
Hello and welcome from Ohio...so glad you joined BYC

Chickens can survive inside but need sunshine and plenty of fresh air. They really thrive being able to get out and eat grass and hunt for bugs. Even if you build them a secure run so they can be outside during the day will help their well being a lot.

Good luck to you :)
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Please head for the Learning Center. Chickens will be much healthier and happier if they get to experience the outdoors, sun, bugs, worms etc. Could you build an outdoor pen for them so they can have at least some time outside and then a way for them to get back inside in the evening.
Yes I can build a run...... they are so little only 1 week old.... when will they be ready to g outside? Peggy
thank you for the welcome...... I will take you up on it.... I' sure i will have lots of question.....Peggy

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