8 Years
Sep 9, 2011
HI. We got our first chickens in March. They are really my sons chickens (he is 11) but as his mom, I make sure he is taking good care of them. We call him our Chicken Whisperer..the chickens love him! He can walk in the coop and they lay at his feet!

We started out with 3 Buff Orphingtons and 2 Red sex links...all straight run, but we lucked out and all are hens. We ended up giving one of the Sex linked to a friend who lost his hen. My nephew gave us a Millie Fleur d'uccle rooster and my son is showing him at the local fair.
We recently (week and a half) got 5 straight run millie fleur babies.
We love our chickens!


8 Years
Jul 22, 2011
Northeast NC
Welcome! I think I know you from Drakes! We talked Mille fleurs?? Any way,
there is an awesome NC thread on here where you can chat with other "neighbors"! They are great people, you'll like them! If you are the lady I met at Drakes, maybe I'll see you tomorrow?!

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