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8 Years
Mar 8, 2011
My family and I recently bought a house in NE PA, far far from our last apartment home in SE PA. We have a smallish yard, but have been making plans to garden, we had one last year that was fairly successful, and our next adventure is getting a few chickens.

My worry is that while there are no specific laws about keeping chickens, I worry that my neighbor will cause issues, we've already had to speak to her on several occasions to keep her 4 year old Autistic child from playing in/around the compost bins, and that their dog seems to kill and/or terrorize any other animal it see's as a threat, she will bark at us inside our house if she happens to see us pass by the windows, and will froth at the mouth to get at one of the cats if she happens to see one on the porch, or near a window (No my cats do not go outside)

We're really looking forward to getting to know everyone, and getting some great information!
Hi and
This is one of the best places on the internet to find info on chickens!
Hello and
from Schuylkill County!

If you think you may have problems, I'd consider only getting hens. Could you use landscaping to block their view to a chicken run?

Sounds like a really pleasant dog... Make sure your chicken run is sturdy...

You'll have fun with chickens! Right now it's chick days at Tractor Supply, so maybe head to one and check out the chicks (if you haven't already!)!!!

Have fun!
I happen to have a VERY similar neighbor...with very similar issues. We are slowly working on putting up a fence around our property. Hopefully you can do the same.
Keep them well secured so the dog won't get them. Funny isn't it, that in some areas it is not legal to have chickens, but a person can have a aggressive dog.

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