Hi from Ontario, Canada


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8 Years
Jun 3, 2011
I have been lurking on here for years, since we first got our chickens in the fall of 2009. I finally got to sit down and register & say hello to the other chicken & duck people. We have red & black Sexlink & Columbian Rock chickens. We have 174 mixed eggs(sexlink/columbian),12 Chantecler & 12 Cochin eggs in the incubator.
In the duck department ,we have a pair of Rouens & their 4 offspring that we hatched in the incubator Easter weekend. We have purchased a pair of Saxony ducklings, 7 Cayuga duckling & 2 Embden goslings. In the incubator currently we have 10 Rouen eggs, 10 mixed Call eggs, 2 Black East Indie eggs.
We also have 2 sucky male house cats, one that "helps" me type frequently!!. My DH & DS have a special place in their hearts for chickens & I love, love , love the duckies. We are in the process of building a duck house for all the babies & have a coop that houses all the chickens. Never will I have ducks & chicken in the same coop. Ducks are messy but I still love em. We are going to build a larger coop soon to accommodate our growing flock. I look forward to chatting with people that have the same love of critters that I do!!!

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