Hi from Oregon


Jun 8, 2020
My name is Lily.
I just moved here from Texas and I'm loving not being baked from the heat! I live with my sister on a couple acres and this is my first time with chickens. That has now turned into 39 chickens I goose (my pride and joy Grady) and an Indian Runner duck named Olive. I'm from the city and I never had a clue how much fun these birds would be. I'm hooked.
We also have a small zoo including 2 Dachshunds Lucy and Alistair, 1 pit bull Raven and a Berkley. Let's see... there's Tarantulas, scorpion, bearded dragon 3 Guinea pigs and a few mice and 2 cats. I grew up with reptiles and dogs and cats.
I'm most definitely an animal person.
I found this group a couple of days ago cause my goose ate a poisonous plant and I didn't know what to do. I was in my Facebook and online while my sister called poison control. I couldn't really find much information besides he ate something highly toxic and basically would probably die. My sister told me to give him activated charcoal so I did and I waited..... and worried. I had to know if I could do more to help save my baby so at some early hour in the A.M. I found this site. I think it's what got me through that 24hrs. What a wonderful group! Great community. Great communication.
Grady made it through and is doing great!


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