Hi From Standish Maine


May 10, 2015
Hi all, Im 50 something, and spent the last week getting a chicken coop/shed ready for some chickens,
First time having them, so lots to learn

I didn't want to build a coop and had a 8x8 x 8-with a four corner peaked roof shed we don't use,
its got a raised floor, and part of the walls had been pine boarded on the inside, there was a boarded up hole for a wood stove,
so I'm thinking this was a heavy duty ice-house at one time,
anyways i stripped it, and made a 12x18 window out of the hole, with wire mesh and a clear plastic roofing on the outside so it won't rain in,
I took and made a raised shelf 18 inches to hold 6, 5 gal buckets for the eggs, and have 2 inches of pine shavings on the floor,

ive screwed in roosting posts, into the corners away from the buckets, got the door cut for them,
tomorrow I'm going to cut the main door, in half, and wire up the inside of the lower door, up to full hight
so i can open the top half on warm days and let the air in, with a roosting post on the lower door,
(opinions welcome here,)

ill be building a 10feet x 8 feet fenced in pen with half of it covered with metal and clear roofing, about 4 feet high,
if I'm thinking right after a few days or a week i can open the door of the fenced in area and let them free roam and they won't run off to the nieghbors,

ill be going to get them tomorrow, afternoon,

oh there Golden Comet Pullets for eggs only as my G?F is a city girl and won't eat anything not on the store shelf,
took me a year to get her to want to eat chicken eggs,,,

Ill be posting pictures tomorrow,

Welcome to BYC, John. Glad you decided join our flock. Golden Comet is one of a number of labels under which some hatcheries market their Red Sex Links which are laying machines. You should get loads of large, brown eggs from those girls. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. We are here to help in any way we can. I'll look forward to seeing your pics. :eek:)
Nice to meet you John, welcome to the Backyard chickens flock. If your covered run is only 4 ft. high, you will have to double over to get inside and clean it. Your back will be complaining.

heres my chickens just got them home, friendly little girls,
didn't take them long to make a mess and start pooping,

the pic with the dark board is the outside hatch, 2 of them like the buckets already,
I've got to get a metal trash can for there food tomorrow,
and finish the outside pen, the non finished side will be on a hinge so i can open it for them and clean it out,
the guy at the feed store where i got them told me to leave them inside until this weekend then let them into the fenced area, for another week
then let them out to roam,, opinions welcome, as I'm new,

i need to hang the feeder, and I don't know where to put the water so they don't make a mess and spill it,

thank you for any help

can't wait for eggs,

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