Hi from Sunny Bulgaria


10 Years
Jun 8, 2009
Burgas, Bulgaria
hi guys, came online and googled 'bumblefoot' and found this forum. Will go back now and treat my favourite hen. Had 5 baby ducks arrive yesterday and one hatched this morning, 2 to go. No baby chickens but one of my hens getting broody. First time i've raised chicks from eggs, hope to do the same now with my hens. Have a great day everyone.
Well, lanced her foot and packed with anti's last night and she's looking goooooood today. i'm a happy bunny.
Great to get so many replies. and one so close to me too
and one from Scotland where i trained on the great highland bagpipes for 2 years at the college in Glasgow.
Lost one chick which is a bit of a bummer but another one hatched so i've still got 6 babies. I've now got 18 baby rabbits and 5 kittens and one of my pigeon eggs hatched in the night too so life is full of babies (not mine thank god)....

Thanks for the help guys, really appreciated, and the welcome too. Have a great day or priaten den as we say here.
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