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Dec 28, 2011

I have been lurking around reading up in everyones helpful hints for a while and decided I should join!

My husband and I are fairly new to chickens so far they have been very amusing. I grew up on a farm and even he is from an Itailan family so even when they lived in the middle of a city he has always had chicken and lambs etc in the back yard growing up.

We have had to build a chicken coop much to our neighbours horror (they can't live in my shed forever) and we thought with the Australian hot summers they might actually cook in one of the metal chicken tractors!

We started out with 4 of some what mixed heritage which were a gift from his Aunt (who has ISA browns, Australorps, white leghorns and quite a few mixes) and now have to 12....
Actually we have 11 as one had a Horrible accident with mister Axe today. We live in the 'burbs so no Roosters and he was just trying out his lungs!

I think my garden is so far a lot worse or wear and I imagine it will get worse. For some reason they have really taken to eating my articokes (they are now just little leaf ribs), my squash has more holes than leaves at the moment and they always seem to decided where ever I have planted something and spent time nurturing it is the best place to sleep.

The spend about 4 hours each evening free ranging around the back yard, chasing each other and chasing any bird that dares land in their yard.

So far we have 3 ISA brown/Leghorn crosses, 2 silver laced, 3 gold laced, 2 Blue laced red Wyandottes and 1 Plymouth Rock all about 12 weeks old so no eggs yet!

Not sure exactly who will end up being a rooster. (I have grave fears for one of the gold laced Wyandottes!)
So once it crows its got to go! (even though it makes me so sad and I can't name them until I know they aren't roosters!)

Few pic's our our chooks (if I can get it to work!)





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It's hasn't been very warm so far (ok by Australian standards its actually not really ever cold) but has been unusually wet and when it does get warm sticky and humid.
I am jealous of everyone having the possiblity of having a white Christmas. Its makes Xmas carols a bit odd when your never going to get snow!

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