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5 Years
Feb 23, 2014
Became a registered member in February but never got around to posting a Hi I Am New Here Post. I found out about BYC from a friend on another forum when they started discussing the 5th Annual Hatch-Along. Of course I wanted to Hatch Along as well. I have incubated before and have spent most of my younger years helping my grandfather with his Quail. He hatched, raised and sold quail.

It has been around 11 years since I last incubated, my children where 2 and 3 at the time. Needless to say life has been busy here on The Toft. Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Dance ect. Now that my children are older and they have honed in on their specific interest live has leveled out and we have more time at home.

We do live in the country and my husband farms and we have a commercial fishing business. (I also teacher grades 9-12). Last summer for my birthday we added to Lion-head Rabbits to our family. Chloe and Clover (both turned out to be males, but they are still Chloe and Clover) Now we are ready to add some chickens to our The Toft.

Once I learned of the Hatch-A-Long we just had to join in. So we set 22 eggs on March 29 at 12:00. I am not sure how this hatch is going to turn out. Right now I think it is up in the air, there is a possibility that I have gotten infertile eggs.
So we will wait until day 25 and see what the results will be.

I look forward to meeting new people here and embarking on the next aspect of our family life on The Toft.

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