Hi from VA and we just got our first eggs EVER!


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Mar 6, 2010
Of course... literally - ever. We found over 20 eggs in the coop - and had no idea they were laying! Are the all ok to eat (especially the ones that must be over 20 days old?) I should have checked last week when I thought I heard happy clucking.
How cold is it in va? I actually would toss them and just start fresh, no sense taking a chance with food poisoning and ending up in the ER.

By the way almost forgot!
hello polish poppy, where are you in Va.? I am in King William County. Congrats on your find. I don't know which is more exciting, finding eggs in the nest or hatching out the baby chicks. Both will put a smile on your face.
We actually do not have a Roo (we will have to get already fertile eggs to hatch them)...but only because we are in a super secret spot in VA where it is better no one knows we have the chicks (which we all LOVE so much - especially the kids)
from Indiana!
Congrats on the eggs! To see if they are edible, do the sink test... Put them in water, if they float to the top, pitch them. As an egg goes bad bacteria in the egg breaks down the egg and it produces gas...(that bad smell) Good Luck!

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