Hi from Washington


May 7, 2015
I'm really hoping to find some information on my teenage roo! We have had our to oldest girls for awhile, and a friend gave us 6 chicks about 5 months ago. One of our Roosters started crowing about 2 weeks ago and now he is side stepping with us putting one side of his feathers down. He has came up and pecked and couple times at is. What do I do with this little brat? help please!!
Too many GOOD roosters begging for homes. Never a good reason to keep a bad one. They usually get worse and can inflict great pain on humans that get in their way.
I don't want to eat him though, he was so sweet before this.:( I just want to brake him of this.
Bummer I really loved spending time with him when he was younger and he was the smallest of all of them.
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