Hi guys!


6 Years
Sep 16, 2013
Im from the Philippines and I just bought my 6 sasso chicks on a whim and I got hooked taking care of them! Sadly one died but the other 5 are 2 months old now and I bought 10 more chicks hopefully none will die this time :) cant wait till my chickens lay eggs
Me too! I have 9 sasso chickens but they look like New Hampshire Reds tho! I'm not sure why its called sasso??? Hmm! Anyways I got 2 sick ones from cocci outbreak. At least I got 7 females and 2 males. Its really easy to tell the sex which is male/female :)
Hello my new friend!
I also got sasso chickens too living in Baguio City, Philippines. 2 of my sasso died due to cocci outbreak since in Baguio its to much rain damp climate :(

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